Temporary Employee Permit

What is a Temporary Employment Permit ?

This permit is issued to persons before they enter Malawi for the purpose of taking up specified employment in Malawi.

Do I need a Temporary Employment Permit ?

You need a Temporary Employment Permit if you are a foreigner who has been offered employment by any organisation in Malawi. The organisation has the responsibility to apply for the permit on behalf of the applicant.

How and where do I apply for the permit ?

The application process is outlined in The Policy Statement on The Employment of Expatriates . The TEP application form and supporting documents are submitted at the Immigration Headquarters or Regional Immigration Offices for processing upon payment of the processing fees .

What will happen when I make my application?

The application will be submitted to the TEP Approval Committee for consideration, then the Minister for decision. Once a decision is made you will be formally notified if your application has been approved or rejected. If approved one will be required to pay the appropriate fees within 30 days from date of notification.

Can I renew my permit ?

A TEP can be renewed twice through submission of a TEP Renewal Application Form and supporting documents to the Immigration offices. An application renewal must be submitted 3 months before the expiry of the permit.


NOTE: All applicants for new TEP are required by law to wait outside Malawi until the application has been approved.