Business Residence Permit

What is a Business Residence permit?

This is a permit which authorizes a person to reside in Malawi for the purpose of carrying on, practicing or engaging in such business, profession or occupation for gain, profit or reward as self –employed person or a partner or proprietor.(The funds to be invested should originate from a legal source outside minimum $50,000.00).The permit is valid for 5 years from date of approval and is renewable for successive period of 5 years.

Who may apply?

Foreign nationals intending to invest in manufacturing, mining, agriculture, fisheries, tourism and financial services and any productive sector.

How and where do I apply for the permit ?

One can apply by submitting a BRP application form and supporting documents /information at the Immigration Headquarters or Regional Immigration Offices for processing upon payment of the processing fees .

What will happen when I make my application?

The application will be submitted to the Minister for decision. Once a decision is made you will be formally notified if your application has been approved or rejected. If approved one will be required to pay the appropriate fees within 30 days of notification.

Can I renew my permit ?

A BRP can be renewed through submission of a BRP Renewal Application Form and supporting documents/information at the Regional Immigration Offices or Headquarters for processing upon payment of the processing fees . Applications for renewal must be submitted 3 months before the expiry of the permit.(Confirmation of viability/existence of the business)(not to operate business before approval of permit)

Can I include an additional business on my existing permit?

One can apply for inclusion of additional business on an existing Business Residence Permit. The application, Business Profile, current Bank Statement, and Registration Certificates are submitted at our Regional offices or Immigration Headquarters for processing. If approved you will be notified formally and be required to pay the appropriate fees.