Prohibited Immigrants

The following persons shall be Prohibited Immigrants and their entry into or presence within Malawi shall be unlawful.
1. Any person deemed by the Minister on economic grounds or on account of standard or habits of life, to be an undesirable inhabitant or to be unsuited to the requirements of Malawi

2. Any person who is unable, by reason of deficient education, to read or write any one of any class of language as may be prescribed by the Minister by regulation to the satisfaction of an immigration officer

3. Any person who at the time of entry is likely to become a public charge by reasons of infirmity of mind or body or because he is not in possession, for his own use, of insufficient means to support himself and such of his dependants as he brings or brought with him into Malawi

4. Any idiot or epileptic, or any person who is insane or mentally deficient or any person who is deaf and dump, or deaf and blind, or dump and blind, or otherwise physically afflicted, unless in any such case he or a person accompanying him or some other person gives security to the satisfaction of the Minister for his permanent support in Malawi , or for his removal therefrom whenever required by the Minister

5. Any person who is infected, afflicted with or suffering from a prescribed disease, unless he is in possession of a permit issued by the Minister to enter and remain in Malawi issued upon prescribed conditions and complies with such conditions

6. Any person who, not having received the pardon, has been convicted of any offence prescribed by the Minister as an offence for the purposes of this section

7. Any prostitute or homosexual or any person male or female, who lives or has lived on or knowingly receives or has received any part of the earnings of prostitution or homosexuality, or has procured men or women for immoral purposes.

8. Any person who from information received through any official or Diplomatic channels is deemed by the Minister to be undesirable inhabitant of or visitor to Malawi.

9. Any person who, after the date of commencement of this Act, has been deported from or, ordered to leave Malawi; or

10. The wife and the children under the age of eighteen years and any other dependants of a prohibited immigrant