Notice on Temporary Employment Permits

Working Without Permit

The Malawi Government has noted with regret the illegal practice by some organizations that engages expatriates before approval of their Temporary Employment Permits (TEPs). Government is reminding all organizations that it is a criminal offence under the Immigration Act to work or be employed without a Temporary Employment Permit. Those found will be liable to prosecution.It should be noted that it is a requirement for TEP applications to be logged with the department of Immigration while the applicant is outside Malawi to take up employment once the application has been approved.

Renewal of TEPs

The Government would like to point out that in accordance with the employment of Expatriates Policy, a TEP except one for a key post may only be renewed twice and it is not automatic. With immediate effect therefore those Temporary Employment Permits that do not conform to these requirements will not be considered for further renewal

Localization Policy

It is a requirement that vacancies in Malawi should first be offered to qualified Malawians. Only in cases where there is demonstrated shortage of skills within Malawi can the position be offered to an expatriate. All applications should show that the post was advertised locally and that it was not possible to identify a suitably qualified person locally
TEP applications should include details of a qualified Malawian who will understudy the expatriate and will eventually take over the post. With immediate effect the department of immigration will only accept applications which meet these conditions.

Government Commitment

The Malawi Government would like to reiterate its commitment to supporting the employment of experts in areas of specific shortages.In pursuing this Government will endeavour to maintain a right balance between the requirement for expertise not available in Malawi and the obligation to create employment for Malawians by among other things ensuring that suitable and qualified Malawians are not deprived of employment opportunities.

TEPs for Expatriates Working with NGOs

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship Services wishes to inform all Non-Governmental Organizations in Malawi on the documents required by the Department for application of Temporary Employment Permit (TEP) for expatriates.Effective from 1st April, 2018 all NGOs submitting applications for Temporary Employment Permit (TEP) to the Department must include the following documents:

  1.   Certificate of Registration of the NGO issued by the NGO Board.
  2.   Annual Compliance Certificate issued by the NGO Board.
  3.   Recommended letter for application of a Temporary Employment Permit application Certificate issued by the NGO Board.


In this regard the CONGOMA certificate of registration which was previously submitted for the purpose of TEP application will no longer be recognized.

A Temporary Employment Permit is issued on the application of a person who has complied with all the prescribed requirements especially for the purpose to reside within an area of Malawi specified for the purpose of engaging in a specified occupation.

A Temporary Employment Permit authorizes such person, together with his wife and children under the age of eighteen years and dependent relatives, and subject to such conditions as may be prescribed, to reside within that area for the purpose of engaging in that occupation for a period of not less than six months or more than two years.

A Temporary Employment Permit may be renewed after two years if the holder of the permit is still engaged in the employment for which the permit was issued at the date of expiry of such Permit.


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