Citizenship Is a Pre-Requisite that one must belong to a certain nationality.


 This is referred by the Citizenship Act CAP 15:01 of the Law of Malawi.It is for the holders of the Residence Permit eg
a.Business Residence Permit for above 5 years
b.Permanent Residence Permit

How To Apply

The department does not recognize agents but the applicants should come in person.

Where To Send The Forms

The applicant is supposed to submit the forms with relevant documents to Immigration Headquarters or Regional Immigration offices.The applicant must submit the forms with the prescribed processing fee

Processing Time

The department aims at processing applications for Malawi citizenship within forty working days.

Processing Application

During the processing period the applicant may be called for interviews and submit other required documents.When the authorities are satisfied with the application, it is approved. Where the application is not successful the applicant is free to appeal with valid reasons