Categories of citizenship


A minor is a child who is 21 years below.

Citizenship by Birth (sec.4)

A person born in Malawi where one or both of the parents was born in Malawi.

Citizenship by Descent (sec.5)

A child born outside Malawi to one or both of the parents who are Malawi citizens by birth, that child is automatically Malawian and can obtain a Malawi passport provided is a minor.

Citizenship by Marriage

A woman can obtain a Malawian Citizenship if is married to a Malawian and provided the person has stayed in Malawi on a valid permit for a period of not less than 5 years. A citizen of Malawi being a woman who acquires by marriage the citizenship of some country other than Malawi shall cease to be a citizen on the first anniversary of the date of that marriage unless before the anniversary she has made a declaration in writing.

Citizenship by Registration of Commonwealth Citizens

Any commonwealth citizen being a person of full age and capacity may be registered as a citizen of Malawi if he or she fulfills the following:-

a.A person must have resided in Malawi for five(5) years or above.
b.Must have adequate knowledge of the prescribed vernacular languages.
c.Must be of good character.

Citizenship by Registration of wives of Malawi Citizens

Any woman, being a person of full capacity, who has been married to a citizen of Malawi can be registered as a citizen of Malawi provided she fulfils the following:-

a.Marriage Certificate.
b.Photocopy of Citizenship certificate of husband(in some cases).
c.Photocopies of husband’s passport.

Citizenship by Registration of Stateless Persons

A child born in Malawi to parents who are holders of different nationalities may register as a citizen of Malawi provided he or she fulfils the following:-

a.A person should be proved that has always been stateless and born in Malawi.
b.One of his parents was born in Malawi.
c.The person has been ordinarily resident in Malawi for 3 years.
d.The person has never been convicted or detained for behavior or to public security or imprisoned for five years or any other criminal offence.

Naturalization of aliens

Any person being a non commonwealth citizen who has been resident in Malawi for over 7 years is eligible to apply for Malawi citizenship provided he or she has fulfilled the following:-

a.Have adequate knowledge of English and any one of the prescribed vernacular languages.
b.Have good character suitable to be a citizen of Malawi.
c.Financially solvent.

Citizenship by Conferment

Any person may be conferred Malawi citizenship in special circumstances on the discretion of the Minister.